Seed Weight Sorter

elmor SWS: automatic single grain weighing and sorting machine

By combining a precision balance with an elmor C1 seed counter , a new laboratory device has been developed. This single grain weighing and sorting device can perform weight determinations of individual grains unattended, with high accuracy and in statistically relevant quantities .

Users of the elmor SWS automatic single grain weighing and sorting machine are for example breeders for wheat, triticale, corn or other agricultural crops who want to make specific weight selections or laboratories that examine the quality or vitality of seeds. If necessary, the tested parts can be sorted. As sorting criterion, a weight limit (above / below the limit) or a window value (inside / outside the window) can be selected. The used precision balance is a robust industrial scale can be supplied with a resolution of 1o milligram, 1 milligram or 100 micrograms.

All recorded weight values are stored on a Windows-based PC, which also takes over the control of the entire process.

Large Parts counter

Counting large parts

The elmor C1 counting devices are mostly used as seed counters. In this case, parts in an extremely wide range from 0.2 mm to 18 mm in diameter can be processed. When an elmor C3 seed counter is used, the minimum size is even as low as 0.1 mm diameter. But different applications also require counting machines for counting large parts. In these cases, it is possible to use an external conveyor, instead of the built-in vibration conveyor.
This external conveyor is made individually for the items to be counted, so the size limit is eliminated. This concerns, for example, parts that can be handled manually hardly, very expensive parts such as implants or parts that are not suited for a counting scale. Thus, the seed counter becomes also a counting device for O-ring gaskets, a counting device for die-cut slices or a counting device for injection moulded parts.

Foundation of elmor Ltd.

Due to the strong growth of the private firm elmor Dr. Rudolf Moll, founded in 2003, the company was transformed into a corporation. The conversion was done by January 1, 2012.

The new company name is: elmor Ltd. (elmor AG / elmor SA)

The headquarter ist still located at: Mangelegg 58, CH-6430 Schwyz / Switzerland

Feeder Bowl for elmor counter with outlet at the bottom

New Conveyor Bowls for Thousand Kernel Weight Measurements

As accessories to the counting machines elmor C1 and C3 a new model of conveyor bowl is available now. In contrast to the well-known bowls with helical ramp, on which the counting material is carried to the discharge opening at the top of the bowl, the new conveyor bowls for thousand kernel weight have a product outlet at the bottom. Short time after a product change the bowl is ready. The waiting period, until the conventional conveyor bowls are filled, does not occur. An adjustable slide at the exit of the bowl permits the regulation of the product flow rate, so that also with this principle a good singularising quality and by it a high accuracy can be achieved.

The new bowl is intended for products such as Canola, Grain, Corn, Soy etc. and for applications with frequent product changes, e.g. with the determination of the Thousand Kernel Weight. With grain sizes under approx. 2mm diameters or for products, which can be singularised badly, the proven helical conveyor bowls can be used.

Award for elmor

On  Dec. 2. 2011 elmor was awarded with an innovations award by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Central Switzerland (IHZ). 

“elmor managed as a single company to implement their products worldwide in test and research laboratories, seed breeding firms and other production companies against international competition. This is amazing and a proof of the unique quality and usefulness of the developed devices and solutions. “

Press release of the New Luzerner Zeitung on Saturday  March 24, 2012: zaehlmaschinen


elmor counters are designed to be an Eco Friendly Product

Besides the fact that our seed counters fulfil an important role in many projects with ecological background, the whole family of elmor counters inflict themselves a minimum impact on the environment: elmor counters are designed to be an Eco Friendly Product

The elmor counters are characterised by the following attributes:

  • State of art electronics
  • Economical use of energy by using components with highest efficiency
  • No standby power consumption
  • Longevity and therefore preservation of “grey energy”
  • The used materials can easily be recycled to a large extent
  • Consideration of the specifications ROHS /WEEE
  • Use of solvent-free coatings
PUR Coated Bowl

Using the elmor counters in food, drug and medical industry

The conveyor bowls for the elmor seed counters can now be made of different materials or with special coatings, so that the bowls meet the requirements of FDA compliancy.

The conveyor bowls are either milled from special materials, such as PEEK or Titanium, or they may be coated, such as with PUR or hardened nickel, or they are hard-anodized. Thus, the elmor counting devices can now also be used in the dosage of food, pharmaceutical products or medical devices according to the specific requirements.