Customized automation, thanks to elmor counting and filling devices

22. Aug 2020 | All

Seed dealers and rhinestone dealers have a lot in common. Their products are often sold piece by piece and need to be counted. The dosage based on weight is usually too imprecise. Small companies do this job manually. But as the business develops, the question soon arises of how the time-consuming work can be automated.

elmor devices enable the gradual automation of these tasks. A company can grow and benefit permanently from the investments made once.

The first level of automation takes place with an elmor C1 counting device. In this way, preselected partial quantities can be counted repetitively and precisely from a supply quantity. The speed of up to 1000 parts per minute is ideal for most applications.

The next level of automation is made possible by a carousel filling device. The counted parts of the elmor C1 counting device can be filled into bags or containers. Although these containers are still processed manually, the up to 25 positions on the carousel are filled autonomously and unattended. Other work can be done during this time. This increase in productivity means that the equipment can be amortized in a short time.

Companies that are constantly growing will consider the procurement of a packaging machine in the next step. The fully automatic packaging machine elmor V800E is ideal for this. Dosing is made with an elmor C1 counter or with other dosing devices. The elmor V800E can fill and close sealable flat bags.

Special devices for special tasks

Other types of further processing can also be used for special applications. elmor offers filling and sorting devices for this purpose.

XY Filling Device

In pharmaceutical research, in the precision mechanics and watch industry or in quality checks, the counted parts, often individual parts, are stored in arrays of small containers, test tubes, blister packs or microtiter plates. The elmor XY filling device is available for this. Its 400 x 300 mm mounting plate  can hold up to 9 microplates. With 384 well plates, this means that almost 3500 individual positions can be filled precisely and unattended.

elmor Weight Sorter

Since the elmor C1 counter can feed individual parts without any problems, further possibilities open up. In this way, the output parts can be sorted according to a characteristic parameter. The focus is on weight sorting with the elmor Weight Sorter. In quality control or when growing seeds, the weight distribution of the grains of certain lots can be determined automatically. Furthermore, grains of certain weight ranges can be sorted out for further cultivation. Sorting by weight is also an issue when processing jewelry and precious stones. The elmor Weight Sorter is also used for this. Sorting rough diamonds by weight is an interesting task.