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elmor Ltd., a competent manufacturer of seed counters, counters for small articles, sorting and filling machines

elmor Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of electronic counting systems for irregularly shaped small parts in the millimeter and submillimeter range: the elmor seed counters. Most of our customers are of the seed industry, but an increasing part comes also from other industrial sectors.

In the seed business elmor counting devices are an indispensable tool in seed trade, in breeding new varieties or in the quality control. In other industrial applications elmor counters help to save money and resources and to avoid complaints due to wrongly delivered quantities.

On the basis of a highly accurate, yet robust and dust-insensitive detection principle a family of different counting devices have been built. Besides the C1 seed counter, the CX seed counter or the multichannel seed counters were developed.  The PC-controlled C3 counting machine allows also the automatic determination of the 1000 grain weight by simultaneously counting and weighing. Further, the sizes of the counted parts can be analyzed.

The product portfolio is expanded by specialised sorting machines, such as the elmor colour sorter or the elmor seed weight sorter.

The processed small parts can be packaged in different apparatus: from the simple manual solution with a dual discharge funnel over the popular carousel filling devices through to fully automatic packaging machines.

All our machines are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. 90% of the production is exported worldwide.