elmor C1 Seed Counter with Double Filling Outlet

When filling seeds in small batches, the elmor seed counter with double filling outlet can contribute to a further increase in productivity.

A portion with a preselected number of seeds is always dispensed at the left or at the right exit. Once a portion has been counted, the output switches to the other side. The counting device is restarted automatically each time. The operator therefore has both hands free to change the seed bags. With this device, the speed of the elmor C1 seed counter can be fully utilized.

The automatic operation can be switched off, the device then works like a normal elmor C1 seed counter. A light indicates which of the two output channels is active.

C3 Precision Counter: Discount for a limited number of units

Some of our C3 counters have been used in a university research project for the last 2 years. The project is now complete and we can sell these C3 counters with a 15% discount. The counting machines are practically new with only a few hours of use. The software on the devices is up to date, and of course we grant the full 24-month guarantee, as for a new seed counter.

Successful participation of elmor Ltd. at the Cannabis Business Expo and conference in Zurich, September 11th-12th, 2021

The CB Expo – Cannabis Business Expo brought together leading companies from Switzerland, Europe and overseas with products related to CBD, medical cannabis, cultivation, paraphernalia and services, supplemented by lectures by top-class experts from research, politics, product development and trade.

With its latest legislation, Switzerland offers enormous potential to develop, manufacture or import CBD and THC products and sell them on the global market.

On this occasion, elmor Ltd was able to present its counting devices for cannabis seeds and the carousel filling devices. These machines have been in use worldwide for years and have successfully positioned themselves as precise and long-lasting aids for the seed laboratory and seed portioning.

elmor Ltd. is a family-owned company that specializes in the development and manufacture of counting devices, filling and packaging machines and mostly customer-specific automatic sorting machines. Here the management of elmor Ltd., from left to right: Andri Moll, Dr. Rudolf Moll, Nesina Moll and Gian-Peider Moll

elmor carousel filler

Customized automation, thanks to elmor counting and filling devices

Seed dealers and rhinestone dealers have a lot in common. Their products are often sold piece by piece and need to be counted. The dosage based on weight is usually too imprecise. Small companies do this job manually. But as the business develops, the question soon arises of how the time-consuming work can be automated.

elmor devices enable the gradual automation of these tasks. A company can grow and benefit permanently from the investments made once.

The first level of automation takes place with an elmor C1 counting device. In this way, preselected partial quantities can be counted repetitively and precisely from a supply quantity. The speed of up to 1000 parts per minute is ideal for most applications.

The next level of automation is made possible by a carousel filling device. The counted parts of the elmor C1 counting device can be filled into bags or containers. Although these containers are still processed manually, the up to 25 positions on the carousel are filled autonomously and unattended. Other work can be done during this time. This increase in productivity means that the equipment can be amortized in a short time.

Companies that are constantly growing will consider the procurement of a packaging machine in the next step. The fully automatic packaging machine elmor V800E is ideal for this. Dosing is made with an elmor C1 counter or with other dosing devices. The elmor V800E can fill and close sealable flat bags.

Special devices for special tasks

Other types of further processing can also be used for special applications. elmor offers filling and sorting devices for this purpose.

XY Filling Device

In pharmaceutical research, in the precision mechanics and watch industry or in quality checks, the counted parts, often individual parts, are stored in arrays of small containers, test tubes, blister packs or microtiter plates. The elmor XY filling device is available for this. Its 400 x 300 mm mounting plate  can hold up to 9 microplates. With 384 well plates, this means that almost 3500 individual positions can be filled precisely and unattended.

elmor Weight Sorter

Since the elmor C1 counter can feed individual parts without any problems, further possibilities open up. In this way, the output parts can be sorted according to a characteristic parameter. The focus is on weight sorting with the elmor Weight Sorter. In quality control or when growing seeds, the weight distribution of the grains of certain lots can be determined automatically. Furthermore, grains of certain weight ranges can be sorted out for further cultivation. Sorting by weight is also an issue when processing jewelry and precious stones. The elmor Weight Sorter is also used for this. Sorting rough diamonds by weight is an interesting task.

Determine the Thousand Grain Weight precisely with the elmor C3 seed counter

The thousand grain weight TGW (also called 1000 grain mass) is an important quality criterion in seed tests, which must be determined with great accuracy. The TGW or the derived value “number of parts per gram” are also an important parameters in the production and quality control of technical and pharmaceutical granules. Using an additional software module, an electronic balance and a special base frame, the elmor C3 precision counter can be used to directly determine the TGW of a sample. Both the C3 and the scale are connected to the control computer. A freely selectable quantity is counted and falls on the weighing pan. At the end of the counting process, the weight of the sample and the corresponding number of particles are automatically transferred to the PC, where the TGW is calculated. This is all done without manual input, so errors are avoided. The equipment allows tests to be carried out in accordance with ISO 520.

Extended range of feeder bunkers

Feeder bunkers are used to refill the elmor C1, C3 or CX counting machines continuously and unattended. These devices are available with a storage volume of 2.5 liters to more than 30 liters.

For light parts such as seeds, a linear vibratory feeder is the best choice. The picture shows two vibrating conveyors / storage bins with 2.5 liters and 5 liters storage volume. For larger and heavier items a belt conveyor can be used. The third unit on the picture is a 30-liter refill bunker based on a belt conveyor.
The filling level in the conveyor bowl of the counter is measured continuously. As soon as it reaches a minimum value, the product to be counted is automatically refilled. As a result, a long operating autonomy of the counting devices can be achieved, in particular if they are used in combination with a filling or packaging machine.

The new elmor C3 precision counter

In its new version, the completely redesigned PC-controlled elmor C3 precision counter presents itself not only with a different visual impression but also with completely renewed “inner values”.

The extremely wide range of parts that can be counted with the C3 has been expanded in the micro range. The smallest still countable parts are at some 10 microns. The application limit is no longer determined by the sensors and evaluation electronics, but only by the product properties. The smallest parts, which can still be conveyed and singularized, are counted with the C3.

Most obvious, however, is the new control software. It is optimized for Windows 10 and allows convenient entry of all setting values ​​as well as the storage and transfer of the relevant data for further evaluation or archiving, so that the traceability of the counting operations is guaranteed.

For the requirements of the users in the pharmaceutical and food sector, steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) was chosen for the product-contacting materials. The bowl can be offered with FDA conformal coatings. An internal self-test was added as a new feature. It allows the new C3 counter to be integrated into GMP-compliant procedures, allowing it to perform a functional or operational qualification.

The new top model of the elmor counters comes in the following steps on the market.

From December 2018, the renewed C3 will be available with the modules “Totalizator” and “Preset Counter”. From January 2019, the module “Thousand Grain Weight” will also be delivered. For exact, largely automated and manipulation-proof determination of the thousand-kernel weight, a complete set is offered consisting of the C3 counter, a laboratory balance and all necessary accessories.

In spring 2019, the “Particle Size Measurement” module will be available in a new form. For the second half of 2019 a GMP suitable version of the control software is planned. With this version, setting data for critical products can be predefined and saved via an administrator function. The user can then work with these predefined settings, but has no authorization to change them.

Weight dosage dosing unit dosing balance dosing scale

Dosing scale for seeds, granules or powder in the gram range

In addition to the proven particle counting devices, elmor now also offers a weight dosing unit. With it, fine seeds, free-flowing granules or powders can be dosed very precisely in the gram range. The device of a specialized manufacturer can be combined for example with the elmor 800 packaging machine or the elmor filling carousel, or it can also be used as an independent dosing unit.

The patented process uses an ingeniously simple, maintenance-free and reliable dosing mechanism. With it, small portions can be staggered in a timely manner on a precision balance. For the variant used by elmor, this is a Mettler Toledo WMF industrial balance with a resolution of 1mg or 0.1mg (100 micrograms). An intelligent dosing algorithm promotes decreasing subsets at short intervals. As a result, the target weight is reached within a few seconds. The dosing tolerance is in the lower % range.

The special design of the dosing unit and the absence of vibrating feeder units prevent even inhomogeneous products from being dosed with virtually no measurable segregation or grain size selection.

The field of application of this dosing scale is found in the filling and packaging of fine seeds, granulates of all kinds such as micronutrients, pharmaceuticals, granular reagents, powdered cannabis products, ground hemp leaves and many more.

counter for pharmaceuticals

Parts counter for pharmaceutical products

elmor C1 PHARMA: a new parts counter for the pharma and the food industry

The elmor C1 seed counter is now also available in a special version for the pharma industry and the food industry, the new elmor C1 PHARMA. Based on the well known, precise and reliable elmor C1 seed counter, all parts that come into contact with the product are made of materials or have coatings that meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Title 21 CFR 21. This includes the conveyor bowl, the sorting element and the outlet for the counted products.
In contrast to the normal C1 seed counter, the housing cover of the elmor C1 PHARMA has a white colour. On request, however, the cover can also be made of bare stainless steel so that the entire counter can be cleaned and disinfected with liquid agents.

The new elmor C1 PHARMA is also equipped with an internal self-test device. In connection with GMP regulations (operational qualification OQ), it is now possible to prove the correct function of the counter at any time. The test module checks the correct function of the entire optical path, the sensor system and pulse processing unit as well as the pulse counter itself and the display.

The new parts counter elmor C1 PHARMA is used in many areas. This is the case, for example, in the random testing of automatic filling lines for tablets, or when filling small quantities of pharmaceutical products such as pills, tablets, capsules or globules. Furthermore, implantable parts are counted with the C1 PHARMA parts counter, for example radioactive seeds, small titanium markers, parts for bone screws and others.