Counting of Electrical Contact Pins

28. Feb 2024 | All

The elmor C1 counting device was originally designed for counting seeds, i.e., for parts that are more or less spherical or oval in shape. However, it can also be used to count other small parts.This is particularly attractive for parts that are either very small or light, components with different weights, or parts that are difficult to handle due to their shape.

The counting of electrical contact pins fall into this last category. The long, thin shape makes manual counting challenging. Moreover, they are often so lightweight that determining the quantity by weight is error-prone.

elmor AG can consistently supply counting devices for the counting of electrical contact pins and electrical connector pins. These include individual devices for picking contact pins in plug assembly and counting devices used as dosing units on packaging machines. A standard setup consists of an elmor C1 counting device, a conveyor tray that can be uncoated or coated, and often with a width and height adjustable sorting element FS3. This sorting element ensures that the conveyed parts, which can overlap and lie next to each other, are isolated with great precision and then counted.

However, in some cases, additional measures for separation are necessary. Connector pins with a hollow side can, in unfavorable situations, become interlocked. They would then be counted as one part, although they are actually two unseparated pieces. For this category of pins, elmor AG has developed a special solution. The sorting element is additionally equipped with a length measurement device. If two contact pins are stuck together, this can be reliably detected. With a short burst of compressed air, these parts are directed back into the conveyor tray, where they separate and later exit the tray correctly separated.