Exceptionally long lifespan of elmor Seed Counters

15. Jun 2023 | All

The first counting machines manufactured by elmor were produced in 1972 and sold to breeders, seed traders, quality control agencies, and research institutions worldwide. Recently, one of our earliest customers acquired new devices, providing us with the opportunity to retrieve a device delivered in 1976. It has been in operation for nearly 50 years.

The device was put into operation and tested in the test laboratory of elmor AG. Surprisingly, it still maintains its counting accuracy without any compromises. It can accurately count seeds ranging from approximately 0.5 mm in size to corn kernels.

This finding is important for the customers of our current seed counters elmor C1 and elmor C3. Of course, these counters are equipped with the latest electronics, which cannot be compared with those of the old series. But the former design philosophy and the dimensioning guidelines, which are responsible for this high durability, have also been adopted for the new seed counters.

The generously dimensioned design of many components, from the power supply to the long-lasting bright display, the robust mechanical structure, and the sturdy metal housing, will ensure that our current seed counters can still be in operation even in 2073.

Long, trouble-free and maintenance-free operation means low total cost of ownership for the customer over the life of the product, and thus a high return on the original investment. We believe that through the longevity of our devices, we can make a significant contribution to the responsible use of our resource.