elmor Filling Carousel – Filling Machines with Enhanced Capabilities

7. Apr 2024 | All

elmor Carousel – Filling Machines with Enhanced Capabilities

Small parts counted with the elmor C1 or elmor C3 counting device can be directly dispensed into bags, tubes, or small containers using the elmor filling carousel. The operating personnel only need to insert a turntable with empty containers, after which both the seed counter and filling device operate unattended until all positions are filled. This partial automation allows the operating personnel to perform other tasks during the filling process.

Due to high demand for the filling carousel in the seed industry and other industrial sectors, various features of the carousel filling machines have been recently expanded.

Here are some highlights:

• Bag filling: each bag is placed under an inlet funnel. No clips or fastening clamps are required for sufficiently rigid bags, making it easy to change bags quickly.
• For large bags made of very thin materials such as PE, an inlet funnel with a clip is available. This ensures that even soft, unstable bags are filled flawlessly, even with a large number of heavy parts.
• Material of the inlet funnels: Plastic and metal funnels are available. Stainless steel metal funnels are designed for electrostatically sensitive parts. They are sterilizable. For pharmaceutical applications, they can be made of steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L).
• Filling of small containers or tubes: Up to 25 positions can be mounted on a turntable. The filling carousel is often used for filling Eppendorf tubes or microvials. Elmor also produces filling inserts for Eppendorf tubes with volumes of only 0.5 ml and 0.2 ml.
• Detection of empty positions: Empty positions are detected. The empty positions are skipped during the subsequent filling process, preventing any loss of counted items. This allows only a subset of the possible positions to be filled.
• All materials can be reliably detected, including glass or highly transparent plastic films.

elmor Carousel Filler for Eppendorf vials with 0.2 ml volume

Carousel Filler filling 0.2 ml Eppendorf vials