Extended range of feeder bunkers

13. Apr 2019 | All

Feeder bunkers are used to refill the elmor C1, C3 or CX counting machines continuously and unattended. These devices are available with a storage volume of 2.5 liters to more than 30 liters.

For light parts such as seeds, a linear vibratory feeder is the best choice. The picture shows two vibrating conveyors / storage bins with 2.5 liters and 5 liters storage volume. For larger and heavier items a belt conveyor can be used. The third unit on the picture is a 30-liter refill bunker based on a belt conveyor.
The filling level in the conveyor bowl of the counter is measured continuously. As soon as it reaches a minimum value, the product to be counted is automatically refilled. As a result, a long operating autonomy of the counting devices can be achieved, in particular if they are used in combination with a filling or packaging machine.