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Customized automation, thanks to elmor counting and filling devices

Seed dealers and rhinestone dealers have a lot in common. Their products are often sold piece by piece and need to be counted. The dosage based on weight is usually too imprecise. Small companies do this job manually. But as the business develops, the question soon arises of how the time-consuming work can be automated. […]

Determine the Thousand Grain Weight precisely with the elmor C3 seed counter

The thousand grain weight TGW (also called 1000 grain mass) is an important quality criterion in seed tests, which must be determined with great accuracy. The TGW or the derived value “number of parts per gram” are also an important parameters in the production and quality control of technical and pharmaceutical granules. Using an additional […]

Extended range of feeder bunkers

Feeder bunkers are used to refill the elmor C1, C3 or CX counting machines continuously and unattended. These devices are available with a storage volume of 2.5 liters to more than 30 liters. For light parts such as seeds, a linear vibratory feeder is the best choice. The picture shows two vibrating conveyors / storage […]

Dosing scale for seeds, granules or powder in the gram range

In addition to the proven particle counting devices, elmor now also offers a weight dosing unit. With it, fine seeds, free-flowing granules or powders can be dosed very precisely in the gram range. The device of a specialized manufacturer can be combined for example with the elmor 800 packaging machine or the elmor filling carousel, or […]

Parts counter for pharmaceutical products

elmor C1 PHARMA: a new parts counter for the pharma and the food industry The elmor C1 seed counter is now also available in a special version for the pharma industry and the food industry, the new elmor C1 PHARMA. Based on the well known, precise and reliable elmor C1 seed counter, all parts that come […]

elmor Seed Counter and Filling Device for Cannabis Seeds

The increasing legalization of cannabis has led to a growing demand for our accurate seed counters and filling devices. As a rule, small numbers are usually to be counted, e.g. single grains or amounts of a few seeds only. The elmor C1 seed counter is extremely suitable for this counting task, as it has been […]

elmor 800 Seed Packaging Machine now available in an energy saving version

The elmor 800 packaging machine is a popular choice for seed packing companies. It is specialized in the processing of sealable flat bags. If many different products but mostly small lot sizes have to be packed, the seed packaging machine elmor 800 is best suited together with an elmor seed counter or with any other suited […]

Multichannel counters in harsh industrial use

The elmor counters are normally used as batch counters. This means that a certain amount of a product must be counted, and then the machine is used for a next task. In the present application elmor multichannel counters were installed firmly in two production lines. The products – safety-related mechanical precision parts for the automotive […]