Filling machine for XY arrays elmor 900

XY filler for MIP

Automatic filling machine for Microtiter plates (MIP), arrays of vials, tubes or containers with the elmor counting machines.

The elmor 900 filling machine is a biaxially positioning device which can be used with the elmor C1 or elmor C3 counting machines. It may be configured individually for different types of containers in any one- or two dimensional arrangement. It is used mostly for Microtiter plates with different plate shapes, e.g. for MIP’s with 6, 12, 24, 48 or 96 wells. The machine may be modified individually to cater for a wide variety of applications and customer requirements.

The picture shows an example of a XY-filler for 9 Microtiter plates with extended hight in a 3 x 3 array.

elmor Green Design

Our label for:

  • high energy efficiency
  • longevity
  • no standby power loss
  • most components may be recycled
  • production without solvents, ROHS conformity