Accessory bags are filled with elmor C1 counting machines

14. Nov 2022 | All

The elmor C1 seed counters are also often used to count small mechanical parts with pinpoint accuracy. A new example is a dosing unit for small mechanical parts, which is equipped with two elmor C1 counters.

In this case, with the elmor C1 seed counters, screws and nuts are dosed into a bag in a preselectable number. The counters are automatically refilled with a 5 liter bunker conveyor. In addition, this system includes a label dispenser for the package information.

The entire dosing unit fills a Bagmatic bag packaging machine.

The order from elmor includes the delivery of the two elmor C1 seed counters, the conveyor bowls with abrasion-resistant PUR coating, the infeed conveyors, the entire control interface for the counters, the bunker conveyors, the label dispenser and the packaging machine, as well as the assembly platform for all devices arranged above the packaging machine .

This application shows once again how the robust and durable elmor C1 seed counters can take on completely different tasks in industry.