Seed Counter

elmor Seed Counter and Filling Device for Cannabis Seeds

The increasing legalization of cannabis has led to a growing demand for our accurate seed counters and filling devices. As a rule, small numbers are usually to be counted, e.g. single grains or amounts of a few seeds only. The elmor C1 seed counter is extremely suitable for this counting task, as it has been optimized for processing small to medium batches.

Usually the counted seeds have to be packaged, which is a time-consuming manual job. Therefore, many customers combine the seed counter elmor C1 with a filling carousel. Dealers use all kinds of packaging materials, from simple PE zip bags to tailor-made containers made of paper, cardboard, plastic or metal.

Thanks to the modular construction of the elmor carousel filling machine, practically all containers can be processed. By saving working time with the elmor carousel filler and thanks to the precise dosage with the elmor C1 seed counter, the investments can be amortized within a short time.