elmor 800 ECO

elmor 800 Seed Packaging Machine now available in an energy saving version

The elmor 800 packaging machine is a popular choice for seed packing companies. It is specialized in the processing of sealable flat bags. If many different products but mostly small lot sizes have to be packed, the seed packaging machine elmor 800 is best suited together with an elmor seed counter or with any other suited dosing device.

In the case of the elmor 800 packaging machine, the empty bags are removed from a magazine, opened, filled and then closed by hot sealing. The bags are held with several vacuum suckers. The required vacuum is generated by means of compressed air operated venturi nozzles. These vacuum generators have no wear and function troublefree for years. Their disadvantage, however, is the high air consumption. This is why a compressor with a high air throughput is required. The overall energy consumption of the packaging machine is thus mainly determined by the air consumption of the venturi nozzles.

Improved version eliminates the venturi nozzles

With the latest version of the elmor 800 packaging machine, the elmor 800 ECO, motor-driven vacuum generators are used. The pumps used are quiet, wear-free and have a long service life. The entire energy consumption of the packaging machine drops by around 90%, since only a very small amount of compressed air is required for the remaining pneumatic elements. Depending on the tariff of the electricity costs this saving can make a substantial amount per year.

The picture shows an elmor 800 ECO packaging machine. It also shows how easy the machine can be adapted to different tasks. In the present case the dosage of the product – two different pharmaceuticals – is carried out by using two C1 PHARMA counting devices. Each counting device is equipped with a storage bin and feeding conveyor elmor 610 for automatically refilling the conveyor bowl of the counters. In addition, a printer module is used with which each bag is printed with a lot number and the packaging date.