Dosing scale for seeds, granules or powder in the gram range

20. Dec 2017 | All

In addition to the proven particle counting devices, elmor now also offers a weight dosing unit. With it, fine seeds, free-flowing granules or powders can be dosed very precisely in the gram range. The device of a specialized manufacturer can be combined for example with the elmor 800 packaging machine or the elmor filling carousel, or it can also be used as an independent dosing unit.

The patented process uses an ingeniously simple, maintenance-free and reliable dosing mechanism. With it, small portions can be staggered in a timely manner on a precision balance. For the variant used by elmor, this is a Mettler Toledo WMF industrial balance with a resolution of 1mg or 0.1mg (100 micrograms). An intelligent dosing algorithm promotes decreasing subsets at short intervals. As a result, the target weight is reached within a few seconds. The dosing tolerance is in the lower % range.

The special design of the dosing unit and the absence of vibrating feeder units prevent even inhomogeneous products from being dosed with virtually no measurable segregation or grain size selection.

The field of application of this dosing scale is found in the filling and packaging of fine seeds, granulates of all kinds such as micronutrients, pharmaceuticals, granular reagents, powdered cannabis products, ground hemp leaves and many more.