Conveyor bowls

The parts to be counted with the elmor C1 counting machine are transported in a vibrating conveyor and are singularised by means of a sorting element. Both the conveyor bowl as well as the sorting element can be selected among different variants , depending on the properties of the product to be counted.

A) Standard conveyor bowl made of anodised Aluminium with universal – sorting element FS0. FS0 is manually adjustable for all part sizes from 0.1 to 18 mm in diameter.

B) Special sorting elements instead of FS0:

  • FS1, manually adjustable, optimised for cereals, rice, paddy and products of similar shape and size
  • FS2: manually adjustable, optimised for corn, soybeans, peas, beans and products with similar shape and size
  • FS3: fine-drive adjustable in height and width, for very flat seeds or flat mechanical parts with the following dimensions: width: 0.5 to 10 mm, height: 0.5 – 8 mm, maximum length: 20 mm

C) Special conveyor bowl with additional lateral opening for mechanically eliminating of accompanying substances, suitable for corn, cereals, soybean, paddy, etc. The height of this opening can be adjusted from 0 to 5 mm and allows unwanted accompanying substances laterally be sorted out. Not suitable for parts smaller than 1 mm in diameter. Can be used with sorting elements FS0, FS1, FS2, or FS3 combined.

D) To meet the needs of various industries, the conveyor bowls can be made ​​of other materials . These bowls are for example extremely impact resistant or correspond to the rules of the FDA, etc. Such trays can be made ​​from various basic materials like Titanium, PEEK, Polyamide and others.

E) The standard aluminum bowls can be treated or coated in order to satisfy specific requirements. With increased mechanical stress or when in contact with food, the surface can be hard anodized. A hard coating of nickel has a high surface hardness and is FDA approved, Polyurethane (PU) coating permits rapid transport of heavy mechanical parts and prevents noise and wear. Again, FDA approved materials can be used.

F) Feeder Bowl with vertical outlet: Short cycle times are possible, as the seeds leave the bowl after a short run time. Advantageous when many different lots must be processed, often used for the fast 1000 grain weight measurement. Used for seeds which can be easily singularised like Crop, Soy, Corn, Canola etc. The seeds should have a diameter of 2 mm or more. Volume 0.8 litres, or about 2500 kernels of Corn.

Dual Product Outlet

The dual product outlet can increase the productivity in Preset Mode (= repetitive batch counting). Each time when a batch is counted, the outlet switches to the other side and the counter restarts automatically. The dual discharge chute is intended to be used for counting crop seeds or corn, which are filled directly into bags, but can also be used for other seeds with 1mm diameter or more.

Automatic Seed Weight Sorter

Each single seed of a lot is automatically placed on a scale. The Automatic Seed Weight Sorter measures the weight of each seed and compares it with one or several limits. According to the result of this comparison, the weighed seed is then transferred into two or more containers. So the parts can weighed and sorted either into good and bad parts or into several weight classes.

Filling Carousel

The C1 parts counter can be combined with the elmor 780 carousel filler. The carousel filler allows semi automatic, to a large extent unsupervised filling of vials, tubes, small containers as well as bags from paper, glassine or composite material.

elmor C1 seed counter with carousel filler

Dust Cover

If specific small parts are processed, a dust cover can be of advantage. This is for example the case with pharmaceutical components, implants or with parts that need to be processed in a protective atmosphere. In this case, nitrogen or other gases or may be introduced through the dust cover.

dust cover for elmor C1 seed counter


When transporting small parts in the vibrating conveyor bowl there is a risk that the parts can become electrostatically charged. The correct separation of the charged parts becomes difficult. With an ionizer, the charged parts can be neutralised, shortly before leaving the bowl, in the region of the sorting element. The ionizer used in elmor C1 seed counter is manufactured by a specialized company, which is represented worldwide. The head of the ionizer is attached inside of a dust cover.

Ioniser for elmor seed counter

Receipt Printer for Seed Counter elmor C1

The result of each completed count is printed automatically. The printing is done in plain text and bar code. During sample preparation or inventory counts many customers have expressed a wish to be able to print the determined number immediately. This can be done with this new accessories for the C1 counter. Faulty manual recordings are obsolete.

Technical data:

  • Paper: standard thermopaper rolls, 80mm width.
  • Internal cutter, label length 64mm
  • Barcode: Code 128 (International Standard ISO/IEC 15417), other codes on request
  • Power supply: 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz
  • The C1 seed counter must be equipped with an elmor printer interface board
Ioniser for elmor seed counter

Feeding Conveyor elmor 610

Feeding conveyor and storage hopper for automatic refilling of the conveyor bowls of the counting machines elmor C1, C3 or CX

Vibrating linear feeders or belt feeders are available with volumes of 2.5 litres up to 30 litres.

Ioniser for elmor seed counter

Intermediate storage container of counted parts

When a seed counter is combined with a packaging machine, it may be advantageous to add a container for synchronization therebetween. When the counting operation has finished and the packing machine is ready, a discharge flap is opened briefly, so that the content of the container is discharged into the packaging machine.
Then the flap closes and the counting machine begins with a new operation. As a result, the waiting time that would be needed before a packaging machine is ready for the next lot can be greatly reduced, allowing a shorter cycle time. Depending on the task different volumes can be realized.

seed counter with intermediate storage container