seed counter elmor counts gemstones

What are the size limits of countable parts?

The elmor seed counters are characterized by an extremely high sensitivity. Therefore the models elmor C3 are used to count dust fine seeds of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana at many universities worldwide. The C3 can detect parts as small as 0.1mm. Increasingly the number of other small parts are determined quantitatively with the elmor seed counters. For these tasks also the elmor C1 shows amazing abilities. Here are some fascinating examples: cut gemstones or green rough diamonds in the sub-mm range and precious metal balls with a diameter of 0.2mm only.

In all these cases, the conventional quantification which is usually applied by determining the weight gives results with insufficient accuracy, despite a high and costly instrumental effort (balances in the microgram range) and an enormous investment of time. Moreover, this process can hardly be automated.

In the examples shown, the particles are counted with a standard elmor C1 seed counter piece by piece fast and accurately. Vibrations of the workplace do not distort the results – this is in contrast to the weighing process. The default sorting elements FS0 or the adjustable sorting element FS3 are used for the singularisation of the parts. The counted parts are then filled into small containers on an elmor carousel filling device. The whole process runs unattended.

The customers save time and money and do not “donate” costly parts as a result of an erroneous quantification. Thanks to these savings, the devices used are amortized in the shortest time.

Gemstones to be counted with the elmor seed counter

Cut gemstones to be counted with elmor seed counters

0.2mm balls to be counted with the elmor seed counters

Balls of precious metal with 0.2mm diameter

elmor seed counter for diamonds

Green rough diamonds to be counted with the elmor seed counters