Seed counter, counter for small parts elmor C1

Seed counter, counter for irregularly shaped small parts with a size down to 0.2mm

Seed Weight Sorter

Automatic Seed Weight Analyser and Seed Weight Sorter

Seed Weight Sorter allows the automatic determination of single kernel weights and their statistical analysis. The measured particles can be sorted according to their weight or mass

dust cover for elmor C1 seed counter

Accessories for the elmor C1 counter

The product range of elmor Ltd. comprises various counting devices, filling devices and analysis and sorting machines.

Among the filling machines a versatile filling carousel is in the foreground. It is usually used together with the seed counter elmor C1 or with the PC controlled seed counter elmor C3. Further a filling machine for microtiter plates (MIP) or other containers which are arranged in an XY arrangement is manufactuted, as well as a packaging machine for sealable flat bags. The flat bags are widely used in the seed industry. On the elmor packaging machine the seed bags are filled usually with the seed counter elmor C1, the PC controlled seed counter elmor C3 or with the fast multichannel seed counter elmor 650.

The elmor analyzers – sorters are based on the proven and durable elmor seed counters. They can be used to easily perform grain size analysis or to automatically determine the thousand kernel weight (TGW). More sorting devices allow the weight measurement and weight sorting of individual grains or the sorting of counted grains according to their color.