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The elmor 650 Multi-Channel Counter is primarily used as a fast seed counter, but also as a counter for any small parts, such as:

  • Vegetable seeds
  • Seeds of ornamental plants
  • Cereals, Maize, Rice, Canola
  • Pills, Pharmaceuticals
  • small mechanical parts

All these products have in common is that they are either irregularly shaped or very small and that they are difficult to handle manually. Dosing these parts with scales is often flawed or impossible.

The 650 Multi-Channel Counter is specialized for fast counting and dosing of medium to large quantities. For counting and dosing of small quantities, our seed counter elmor C1 can be used.

With the 650 Multi-Channel Counter, the product being counted is fed along different channels in parallel, separated and counted. The number of counting channels may be freely selected between 5 and 25. The counting channels are supplied via a supply hopper with a capacity of several litres.

The counting speed is determined by the number of channels and the size and shape of the products. A multichannel counter with 25 channels can count more than 1 Million parts of 2mm diameter per hour.

Like all machines from elmor, also the multichannel counters can be manufactured in different variants, in order to be combined optimally with other devices.

Picture: 650 Multi-Channel Counter with 25 channels

elmor 650 Multi-Channel Counter

Technical data

  • Count parts from 1 to 20 mm in diameter, other sizes on request
  • Modes of operation: Preset counter, Totaliser
  • The conveyor speed is reduced shortly before reaching the desired quantity to achieve a high dosing accuracy.
  • Counting error: 1/1000 or better
  • The elmor 650 Multichannel Counter is controlled by a PLC, thus the combination with subsequent packing machines, fillers or printers is easily possible

Accessories for the elmor Counter model 650

elmor Green Design

Our label for:

  • high energy efficiency
  • longevity
  • no standby power loss
  • most components may be recycled
  • production without solvents, ROHS conformity