TKG mesaurement with seed counter elmor C3


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With seed tests the 1000 kernel weight is an important quality criterion, which must be determined with high accuracy. Counting and dosage of mechanical and electronic small articles as SMD’s are made increasingly also over the determination of the 1000 grain weight.

By means of an additional software module, an electronic balance and a special frame, our precision counter C3 can be used for the direct determination of the 1000 kernel weight of a sample. Both the C3 as well as a balance are connected with the control computer. A freely selectable quantity is counted and falls on the scale pan. At the end of the counting operation the weight of the sample and the corresponding number of particles is transmitted automatically to the PC, where the 1000 kernel weight is calculated.

With the conventional 1000 grain weight determination, the number of items and the weight must be entered manually into a calculating machine. In many cases, exactly 1000 kernels are counted and weighed; and then the 1000 grain weight can be determined without arithmetic exercise, but the danger exists that the result is falsified by separation effects during the operation of the vibrating conveyor (grain size selection). With the simultaneously determination of seed quantity and weight all potentially faulted manual inputs are eliminated. If necessary the result can be printed out or processed electronically. Further the danger of the grain size selection can completely be avoided.

Technical data

  • Scales are available with a resolution of 1 mg, 10 mg or 100 mg.
  • The data of the elmor C3 seed counter and the scale are sent to the control computer via two RS232 ports or – on request – with two USB cables.