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Equipment with a modular design for sorting and counting differently colored small articles within the mm range.

The elmor colour sorter is inteded for laboratory use with a sorting capacity of 10’000 to 20’000 parts per hour for each channel, which corresponds to about 1 to 2 kg per hour per channel. The parts which have to be sorted are transported and singularised in a linear multichannel conveyor stage. The individual fractions are distributed corresponding to their colour into 2 or more containers. On request the elmor colour sorter can also count the fractions, so that mixtures of differently coloured particles can be quantitatively analysed.

In order to get the requested sorting capacity, the devices can be equipped with 1 to 25 parallel channels. If the parts do not need to be counted, the number of channels is not limited.

Thus the output per hour and the necessary investments can be selected individually upon the given conditions.

The elmor colour sorted is intended for laboratory use for clearly defined sorting tasks; the throughput in the range of kg per hour is too low for the industrial sorting of rice, grain and other cereals, where tons per hour are requested.

Technical data

  • Modular sorter with parallel sorting channels
  • The product to be sorted is transported and singularised on a linear conveying channel
  • Each channel has an own colour detector, which is selected corresponding to the requested sorting task
  • Additionally the detected parts per channel can be counted
  • The number of parallel channels is theoretically illimited. If the fractions are counted, the maximum number of channels is 25.
  • Typical sorting speed per channel: 2 parts per second
  • parts with 2mm diameter or larger can be processed.

elmor Green Design

Our label for:

  • high energy efficiency
  • longevity
  • no standby power loss
  • most components may be recycled
  • production without solvents, ROHS conformity