Seed Weight Sorter

elmor SWS: automatic single grain weighing and sorting machine

By combining a precision balance with an elmor C1 seed counter , a new laboratory device has been developed. This single grain weighing and sorting device can perform weight determinations of individual grains unattended, with high accuracy and in statistically relevant quantities .

Users of the elmor SWS automatic single grain weighing and sorting machine are for example breeders for wheat, triticale, corn or other agricultural crops who want to make specific weight selections or laboratories that examine the quality or vitality of seeds. If necessary, the tested parts can be sorted. As sorting criterion, a weight limit (above / below the limit) or a window value (inside / outside the window) can be selected. The used precision balance is a robust industrial scale can be supplied with a resolution of 1o milligram, 1 milligram or 100 micrograms.

All recorded weight values are stored on a Windows-based PC, which also takes over the control of the entire process.

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