Large Parts counter

Counting large parts

The elmor C1 counting devices are mostly used as seed counters. In this case, parts in an extremely wide range from 0.2 mm to 18 mm in diameter can be processed. When an elmor C3 seed counter is used, the minimum size is even as low as 0.1 mm diameter. But different applications also require counting machines for counting large parts. In these cases, it is possible to use an external conveyor, instead of the built-in vibration conveyor.
This external conveyor is made individually for the items to be counted, so the size limit is eliminated. This concerns, for example, parts that can be handled manually hardly, very expensive parts such as implants or parts that are not suited for a counting scale. Thus, the seed counter becomes also a counting device for O-ring gaskets, a counting device for die-cut slices or a counting device for injection moulded parts.

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