Automation as required with the elmor seed counters and filling machines

23. Oct 2022 | All

With the elmor counting and filling devices, seeds and other small parts can be precisely portioned. This process can be automated as needed.

Packs can be filled directly with an elmor C1 counter. A preselected number of parts is output repetitively and precisely. In most cases, the pack to be filled is held by hand under the outlet of the counting machine.

The elmor C1 counter with double output funnel is already a further level of automation. The counted portions are dispensed from either the left or right exit of the double funnel. After each completed counting, a next counting process is started automatically. Depending on the portion size, the operating speed can typically be increased by 30%.

While someone has to attach the bags at the exit of the counting machine with the automation levels described, the elmor filling devices also offer the option of filling bags and containers unattended.

First of all, this is the elmor 780 filling carousel. With the filling carousel, bags, small containers or sample tubes are inserted into a filling insert. This filling insert is then placed in the basic carousel device. Then one bag or container after the other is filled with the elmor seed counter. When all positions are filled, the carousel filler stops so that the filling insert can be changed. The filling operation takes place unattended so that the operator can carry out other activities during the counting and filling operations. Depending on the width or diameter, a maximum of 15 bags or 25 containers can be used on one filling insert.

The highest level of automation is the combination of an elmor C1 counter with an elmor V800E packaging machine. It can fill and close sealable flat bags and can produce up to 600 bags per hour, largely unattended. If parts are to be packed in foil bags, interfaces are available to combine elmor counting devices with the corresponding packaging machines from other manufacturers.