In 1972, electrical engineering student Rudolf Moll manufactured a first counting machine for seeds for his parents’ nursery business, which was internationally renowned for its cultivation of cyclamen and cineraria flowers.

In the summer of 1972, a first counting machine was introduced at a specialist trade fair, where it attracted a great deal of attention. And so the company “elmor” was born.

After graduating, Rudolf Moll worked in various areas of research, industry and the energy sector. In 2003 he decided to renovate elmor and to invest in the development of new devices and technologies. Increasing problems in the worldwide food production, new requirements with breeding and quality control of seeds and narrower margins in the commercial seeds business result in an increasing need for modern, high-quality, world-wide used niche devices like seed counters, sorters or filling and packaging devices.

In the meantime the elmor counting devices are more and more used in other industries than the seed business, where the determination of quantities with counting scales is difficult. Examples are counting machines for fine mechanical components, implants, gemstones or semiconductor devices.

1st January 2012 the individual firm elmor Dr. Rudolf Moll was converted into a corporation elmor AG (SA, Ltd.).

The current activities include now:


Single-channel counting machines



Multi-channel counting machines



Counting and filling machines



Filling machines for XY arrangements



Colour sorting machines



Weight sorting machines


Since 2003, the company elmor Ltd brings new products and developments on the market. This will continue also in the coming years.