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Seed counter elmor C1, counter for various small parts

The seed counter elmor C1 is a universal counting machine for any small and irregularly shaped parts, such as:

  • Finest plant seeds
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Cereals, Maize, Rice, Canola
  • Insects, Pupae
  • Pharmaceuticals, pills, casules
  • Gems, diamonds and precious stones
  • Small mechanical parts
  • Implants

All these products have in common that they can be counted manually poorly. Either they are irregularly shaped, very light or very small. The quantification of these parts with scales is often faulty or impossible.

The seed counter C1 is specialized for exactly counting of such parts in small to medium quantities. Important applications of the C1 seed counter are the repetitive, precise counting of a preselected number of parts or the conventional determination of the 1000 grain weight according to ISO 520:2010.

Parts with diameters from 0.2mm to about 18mm can all be processed with the same adjustable conveyor bowl. For fast counting of large amounts the 650 multi-channel counting machine can be used and for parts with diameters up to 25mm the elmor C1 MAXI is best suited.

The seed counter C1 is characterized by its robust construction and a simple, fool-proof operation. The large, bright LED display is easy to read even in daylight. The count signal is processed by a microprocessor which allows also the detection of parts with particularly difficult shapes. The parts counter elmor C1 is equipped with terminals for remote control so that it can be combined, for example with packaging and filling machines.

The C1 seed counter is the successor of our model 600, which was produced from 1980 for about 25 years. The new seed counter elmor C1 combines modern electronics with the proven key components that were already responsible in the previous model for long durability and unmatched accuracy. The C1 can be described with attributes such as longevity, durability, robustness and reliability – this for many years.

Variants of the elmor C1 and comparison with other elmor counters:
  • elmor C1 PHARMA: Similar to the standard C1, but all parts that come in contact with the counted product are made of FDA conformal materials. An internal function test can be added on request for GMP compliant counting tasks.
  • elmor C1 MAXI: Similar to the standard C1, but with an external, larger conveyor. With the C1 MAXI, parts up to 25mm width can be processed.
  • elmor C3: The most sensitive counter on the market (as of January 2018). With the elmor C3 parts of 0.1mm or even smaller can be counted. The entire counter is controlled by a PC. Setting data and count results are stored.
  • elmor CX: Sensitivity and conveyor as the standard C1. The elmor CX can be fully controlled by a PLC. It is frequently used in multi-head counting systems in combination with packaging machines.

Technical data

  • Counter for small parts from 0.2 to 18 mm in diameter (*)
  • Cylindrical parts can have a length of up to 20 mm (*)
  • Only one adjustable conveyor bowl is used for the whole size range
  • Conveyor bowl: anodised Aluminium, sorting element FS-0. Other bowls and sorting elements available on request
  • Display and preset range of the counter: 0 to 99’999
  • Modes of operation: Preset counter, Totaliser
  • The conveyor speed is reduced shortly before reaching the desired quantity to achieve a high dosing accuracy
  • External connections allow the combination of the seed counter C1 with other devices, e.g. packaging machines.

Typical performance data for spherical parts of 2mm diameter:

  • Counting speed: about 50’000 parts per hour
  • Counting error: 1/10’000 for clean, easy to separate parts

Modes of operation:

  • Totaliser
  • Preset counter

(*) other sizes on request

Accessories for the Seed Counter elmor C1

The C1 counting machine is the central part of a system that can be adapted for many different applications. Some variants are standardized available, such as:

  • Conveyor bowls for specific tasks
  • Counter with dual product outlet
  • Automatic seed weight sorter
  • Filling carousel for bags and/or vials
  • Filling adapter for containers
  • Dust cover
  • Ionizer
  • Receipt printer
  • Feeder / hopper with a few litres storage volume

If your application can not be covered with these accessories, please contact us so that we can propose you a customized solution.

elmor Green Design

Our label for:

  • high energy efficiency
  • longevity
  • no standby power loss
  • most components may be recycled
  • production without solvents, ROHS conformity